Feeling depressed...

The hole week I did some baking for my colleagues at work. Giri-choco (obligation chocolate) as an pre-valentines present. I was really into it and had fun. My colleagues were all very happy♥ And on Valentines-day I wanted to meet with my father and youngest sister. I promised them a cake (and did a good one, too!) but we had to rescedule the last minute... So, since yesterday I don't know what to do with myself. Well, there are things that need to be done, I just can't bring myself to do anything. Watched movies instead... Knitted a little...
I didn't take photos of my new project, it's a pullover again. I started and undid it 3 times already... I think the yarn I bought is not right...
Maybe the next time you visit there will be something fun again... See you

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Finally: Finished!

フフッフ~  (´艸`)
Did it! It's finished!! P.R.O.U.D. like craaaeeiiizzzyy  Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒(。A。)!!!
It took 5 weeks, a crazy amount of patience, concentration and band-aids. Band-aids?
Yes, to prevent my hands from getting knitting-bumps. Didn't know something like that existed...
The collar took some effort, I tell you! It fits perfectly but the style is not exactly what I expected... I think I still made the sleeves a little to big... But nonetheless!
Finished!! (  。A。)Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒Y⌒
I'm somewhat sad that it's over now...
Maybe I'll embroider some nice things on to it, just black... is a little boring, no? It's a big maybe at the moment, let's wait.

My new project is already waiting to be started!! Yes, I need more! But it's a secret until next weekend^^

Until then!

(´口`*) I failed...

Long story short: I couldn't accomplish my january project... I'm so dissapointed I couldn't even bring myself to take a picture... sorry. The sleeves need more rows than expected and the collar is still missing... think I'm gonna finish this the coming week... Yes, definately.
But it is not that bad I didn't win this challange, because I had fun with friends and colleagues at birthday partys, knitting lessons and shopping trips while not swinging the needles. Friends are more important than this pullover anyway, I musn't forget that! So, with this extention I excuse myself now.


7 days to go!

Since I discovered the pleasant task of bread making around last christmas not a single saturday has gone by without the nice smell of fresh baked bread spreading from the kitchen. There are so many types and they're so easy to make (when you !! finally !! master the yeast they even look perfect...)! So delicious!

With my second week of work behind me I'm contented with myself for now, even if it is not as it used to be. But no dark thoughts today!
I worked hard at my project this week and am now one and a half sleeve away from sewing all the parts together! ♥Happy♥
It may get a little tight, though. I lost two days of work for I had to redo the first sleeve after 1/4, after realising that it was way to big as I had imagened it to be. And it kind of comes back at me that early in january I thougt that I had more than enough time and therefore a day or two without knitting wouldn't hurt... Well... there is still some time... Root for me, people! I want to accomplish this!

HeadbandsLike this headbands I did around last summer. They're knitted, the flowers crocheted and the ribbons are made of reef knots and pearls that had been lying around since I was small...


Yesterday I woke at 5:30 am and was wide awake. I started baking bread and made a cake for my friends birthday, who enjoyed it very much

A Mandarine-cream cake with a little coconut, choco and sugar-♥s

And then I knitted. It was the first week of work this year and though I did my job a little calmer and more... mature I would say, it was tiring and I didn't work on my Project as much as I would have liked to. So, with the front half finished and two sleeves still to go I am now a little worried if I can make it...
But I finished these last year:

4 Seasons egg warmerSpring, summer, autumn, winter egg warmer. Love the ducki♥♥♥

Sunday but no sunny day

The wind is still strong! It's two days already - constantly blowing everything it can catch around. And it catches a lot! It's not pleasent, people are dirtbags! With that said, welcome to the second sunday of this very Year 2015! Keep an eye open folks, this year we might spot some Martin Seamus McFly running around!  (^∀^)
Knitted glovesThese are my first self knitted gloves, made of 100% Cotton wool with 2,5 needles. They're warm, pretty and I pay a lot attention to them while wearing. You really apprecciate things differently when you do them yourself instead of purchasing them. It was also my first time using my set of double pointed knitting needles. The fingers took a looooot of effort! The needles kept getting in the way the hole time! I managed as you can see and if you have some difficult project running: keep going! It's worth the effort!

Also finnished the first half of my January-project-Pullover. Now the front is coming up.

Happy knitting everybody!
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Stumbled over something sooo true!

Just read the line   "Ghibli - it heals the heart"  thought about it in earnest and yes, it really heals the heart.
All the people working on this great movies: thank you so much for your hard work, I really appreciate it.
アリガトウ(´・_・)  (´_ _)ゴザイマスッ!
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A nice sunday to start!

After a little cleaning and baking fresh raisin bread in the morning, PICTURES where taken of my work.
I began knitting 2 years ago but mainly all I really did was knitting squares in different techniques to see how they would look or how they are done and, of course, to practice the needlework (wasn't easy at the beginning). So, starting today, I would like to show a little bit of what I manage to create.

Winter minis I think I'll start with some little projects I already made last year. These are finished quickly, cute and perfect for using all this leftover yarn one assembles over time. The gloves and sweater are 6cm, the stocking 7cm and the snowman 10cm. All from 100% Cotton wool and done with needle size 2,5. These are nice for decoration or gifts and a college of mine even showed me that the sweater is just perfect for finger pupped plays!

And here is my current project: It's hopefully gonna be a pullover someday... I'm knitting it in 76% Cotton, 24% Viscose yarn with pearl shine effect and 2,5 needles. It's my second time to try a pullover (the first will be shown some time later) and the first time to do it without a step by step instruction. I found this website with an helpful manual for 'the perfect custumised pullover for you'.
It's from Tichiro http://tichiro.net/ , the site is in german and I mention it here because first, I couldn't get her guestbook to open up for me to thank her and second, to give her credit. She did an amazing and very helpful job there, thank you Tichiro, until now everything works just fine!
My goal is to finish this until the end of this month. Let's see how far I get.

Jan2015 Projekt

See you around!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please note: I use european sizes for needles, here is a chart for US and UK convertion: (http://cyberseams.com/article/105547/all_things_knitting/knitting_needle_sizes_for_us_uk_european_and_older_us_needles.html)


Happy new Year!!

After some serious last-day-of-the-year-you-have-to-start-properly-(spring-)cleaning I spend the first day of 2015 with nice food, some TV, Music and knitting.
Was a nearly perfect day. This year I try to be a little more present on my journal here, keeping track of what I'm doing and showing some of my projects whatever they may be: Knitting, crochet, perler beads, some things out of paper... maybe even some woodwork, who knows. My goal is at least 1 post per month. That should be doable...even for me... please let me improve from this lazy thing I am right now!

I think I'll start this sunday. See ya!

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A nice Anime, anyone?

How about "Free! Iwatobi swim club" ?
Does it for me - well drawn (...how should I say it... it has a "clean" apperiance and I like that very much!), the swim sports theme doesn't stir my interest that much, but it's very good implemented and the story is nice and funny, too. I'm watching it still, despite being a liiiiiittle uncomfortable sometimes with all the nudeness going on there. Swimming boys do not exactly wear much, don't they (and the 'cameraman' could have chosen a better place to roll here and there all these bootys on screen, ugh, what the hell-? It's this "Darn, thats freaking funny!" and then you have scenes... "Oh boy..." *can't bear to look*. A little to much drama sometimes and the lyrics of some Songs... ... just listen to what they play, it's cool. In the end I like it! Kyoto Animation got me with this. The short storys which came with the DVDs are just what I love Watch it!

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